Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pray Lewd

Tap, tap, tap. Testing, testing. One-two, one-two. Is this thing working?

Well, good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to my blog. I've been meaning to do one of these for ages, but as a fully qualified procrastinator I've never found the time, which is a shame as I'm sure amongst my varied interests (music and video production, sailing, pub quizzes, The Bahamas, and so on) I would have found plenty to blog about.

But that was then; well pre-2005 to be accurate, when Lin and I were the classic double-income, no kids couple, able to enjoy our indulgent lifestyles without a hint of parental responsibilities. Fast forward to today and life is very different - a three-year old daughter and nine-week old son mean hobbies and interests are pretty much on hold and holidays extend to Dorset and Cornwall rather than Dubai and The Caribbean. Not that we're complaining - we count ourselves very lucky to have managed to pack so much in before starting our family, even if it might not have been the original plan.

So why Ranch Lines? Well, our lovely little house is affectionately known as The Ranch by our family. When I say little house I should say bungalow, and perhaps not so little after the extension that went on in 2005/2006 - I notice Google Earth has up to date images now. I'm not going to give you any details as you may be undesirable and come round and nick the garden furniture.

And Pray Lewd? Well this entry is hardly the real deal; more of a prelude of what's to come hopefully. Pray Lewd is a challenging piano piece by Jim Steinman - I can play it a bit - but not half as well as this guy.

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PT said...

Garden furniture? I need some of that.

Welcome to the "blogosphere" (what a stupid word), Mr S. It's good to have you on board. Now all you have to do is post regularly. If you're like the rest of us you;ll have a burst of regular creative posts that lasts somewhere between 3 weeks and a year before it all goes quiet except for intermittent posts!

Or is that just me?!