Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rock 'n' Roll!

I'm in a band. The last time I could say that was sometime in the last century, so this is a definite novelty. A few of us at work have been discussing this for a while, and finally we managed to get together for the inaugural Tuesday Night Music Club this week.

So far we have two guitarists, a drummer, a bassist (at least he will be once he's managed to win a bass on ebay), a keyboardist (that's me), a sax player and a violinist (both absent). We didn't actually play anything this week; we just had a very democratic meeting to suggest what we'd each like to practice. As a result it looks like we're going to be a jazz/soul fusion, heavy metal skiffle band. So prog rock it is. Oh, and nobody wants to do vocals.

We reconvene in two weeks time, having all perfected "Wonderful Tonight" hopefully, to see if any of us can actually remember how to play. If that's OK, we'll have a bash at "The Boys of Summer" - a song I've always fancied covering.

We already have our first booking: The office Christmas party - so we'll need to get a passable version of "I Believe in Father Christmas" in the setlist if I have my way (which I won't).

All we need now is a name and a MySpace page.....


Cyberkim said...

Good luck with this.

If you can survive the "What're we going to call ourselves?" issue without a major outbreak of hostilities, you'll probably do OK.

Jon Sandys said...

Thanks for the encouragement Cyberkim; we have our second practice tonight (the first went spectacularly well) so I will post a follow-up soon.

Do I know you? Anyone who lists Judie Tzuke in their favourites is on my wavelength. If you have the Drive Live CD you'll see me in the "Thank You" credits - I contributed to a couple of her tour programmes.

I must get the Frost* CDs - I really like "Black Light Machine", but that's all I've heard to be honest.

And the "Bonzos"... well I still have vivid memories of them appearing regularly on "Do Not Adjust Your Set" in the late 60's.

marvellous stuff.


Cyberkim said...

It's unlikely that we've actually met... but stranger things have happened.

Getting a name-check on an album cover is pretty impressive; You may detect the sound of teeth gnashing with envy ;)

"Black Light Machine" was the first thing I heard by Frost* too. It had been a long time since I'd been quite so stunned at a first listening, but it was definitely one of those occasions that I won't easily forget.

Good to see some other old friends in your favourite music... I'd almost forgotten "The Enid" !