Thursday, December 16, 2010

Good Morning Judge

It was Oli's nursery school Nativity play this morning. Once again, a triumph of saccharin-sweet cuteness over any semblance of artistic integrity; but to be fair, the rehearsals were snowed-off last week.

When Emma was at the school (and always cast as an angel) I have to admit to being envious of the parents who got to see their child dressed in the fluffy sheep costume that always drew "Ahhhs" from the audience. Our patience was rewarded this year when Oli emerged from the wings in that prized outfit.

On closer inspection, we actually think it's a rabbit costume. Or a High-Court Judge. Either way it's stretching the the Nativity story a bit.

Still - "Ahhhh"

1 comment:

Cyberkim said...

They used to say that you knew you were getting old when the policemen started to look young.

Well, I must be older than I thought because even the judges are looking young...